So you want to tone your stomach? Most all stomach exercises can add muscle mass to your abdominal area, but not every exercise can tone your stomach and give you a six pack. But isn't that really what you are after? Maybe not a chiseled stomach with immovable rock hard abs, but you want to have a sleek and toned stomach that turns heads and, more importantly, gives you confidence. In order to achieve this goal, you will need to first dedicate yourself to losing any extra fat around your stomach. But along side that, you need to tone your stomach muscles so that they are built and formed enough to give you a great toned look.

How to Tone Your Stomach

You don't want to go through all the effort if you do not achieve visible results! This is why you need to start losing the fat that hangs off of your stomach. Because if you only focus on building and forming your abdominal muscles, you will just have the fat around your stomach be pushed out even farther. And that will just make your stomach look worse, not better.

So if you are already in the process of losing enough excess stomach fat, look below to see how you can get ab muscles TO show. Tone stomach exercises range from easy levels to hard levels. There are exercises that can seriously strengthen your core stomach muscles, but it doesn't really give the appearance of being toned or defined. Here are some exercises that are specifically designed to tone your stomach and make them formed and visible.

Exercises to Tone Stomach Muscles

You will need to workout on a regular basis if you want to consistently see results. If you just take a half hearted approach to exercising, you will see minimal results. The biggest part of what makes a successful exercise routine is one that is done on a consistent basis. So take the time and apply yourself to reaching the goals you've set. Here are some targeted exercises that will tone your stomach and give you a defined and formed look.

Lying Leg Raises

Be sure that your legs are slightly bent throughout this exercise.

  • Lie on your back with your hands, palms down under your buttocks.
  • Slowly raise your legs about a foot off the floor and hold them there.
  • Using just your lower abs, tilt your pelvis and raise your legs a further.
  • Hold for a few seconds then return to your original position. Keep going until you can feel it burning in your abs.

Proper Ab Crunch

  • Lie on you back.
  • Place your feet on the floor as close to your bottom as possible and place your knees together.
  • Rest your hands across you chest.
  • Slowly raise your shoulders off the floor by contracting only the abdominal muscles, keeping your lower back on the floor.
  • Hold that position for a second and breath out forcefully.
  • Slowly relax the stomach muscles and allow your shoulders to return to the floor. Repeat 10-12 times. Do as many sets you can with at least a minute rest in between.

Anywhere Ab Tone

  • Stand Up Straight.
  • Lightly tighten you stomach muscles.
  • Hold for a second while tightened.
  • Take slow, deep breaths, in and then slowly out, all the while holding your stomach muscles tight. Keep taking breaths until you get tired.

It's not that toning your stomach is an overly complicated process, but the reason most people don't reach their goals is due to either a lack of effort, or a misunderstanding of what is required of them. But you now know what it will take. You will have to lose any extra fat and stick to an exercise routine, which includes the exercises listed above, if you want to see actual results. So all that remains is for you to supply the effort and drive to see this through to the end.

The hardest part is just getting started. Once you are a couple of weeks into your new routine, you will find that it is much easier to keep exercising on a regular basis. Your body will become conditioned for it, so is won't be a much of a shock to the system. And once you start seeing actual results, you will that much more motivated to keep it up!

Final Thoughts

Remember, a strong and built set of stomach muscles doesn't immediately equate to a sleek and formed stomach. Yes, you need to workout and build your stomach muscles so that they can give you a defined look, but if your newly built muscles are still covered by extra stomach fat, then that is all you are going to see. So once you begin the process of losing stomach fat, you can start building and defining your stomach muscles and help to speed up the process of getting a toned stomach.

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