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You probably find yourself looking in the mirror and the first thing you may notice is a flabby stomach. This happens to many people and is often just a normal result of living your life. You may also notice that your lower stomach is the area that sticks out the most and leaves the most unattractive memory. So why does your lower stomach hang out farther than the rest of your stomach?

Why Your Lower Stomach is Fat

Stomach fat starts to gather at the lowest point of gravity which is your lower stomach. It hangs off of your body in a very unnattractive manner, and it will continue to gather and eventually build fat upon fat and thereby make your whole stomach stick out and look bad.

Ok, so your lower stomach is usually the first place fat starts to build up, because of that it is the last place that you will lose fat. So if you really want to lose the extra fat that surrounds your lower stomach, then you need to lose the rest of your stomach fat first. It would be nice if there was a short cut, but there isn't. Stomach fat is built up on your belly and it starts at your lower stomach and just is compounded from there.

What About Exercises?

So if stomach fat is the problem, where do exercises come in? Well, exercises won't be able to burn off all of the necessary fat by itself, but it can strengthen the muscles underneath the fat in order to give it a better ability of supporting the weight and keeping your stomach from sagging dramatically.

Be careful though, exercising will help your muscles to support the weight and prevent sagging, but if you dramatically build up your stomach muscles without losing the fat, then your stomach will just stick out even farther because the muscles are bigger, but you have the same amount of fat covering them! So the answer is really to lose the weight in order to get a toned lower stomach.

So why do you have the fat that you have around your stomach? Well, there are a variety of reasons you gain weight, from a slowing metabolism that comes with age, side effects of health products, etc, but the most important and common cause is your lifestyle. You have to eat and be active according to your bodies ability to consume and burn fat and calories. You body pretty much sets the rules throughout your life, and you will have to respond to it and live within those rules.

Well, there you have it. You lower stomach is the first place that fat builds up, so naturally it will be the last place you will lose it. Remember that stomach fat is most often a result of your diet and exercise routine. It is easy to get caught up in the shuffle of daily life and forget to watch what you eat or to stay active. But if you take the necessary steps to lose the extra stomach fat, then you won't find yourself looking in the mirror and staring at your fat lower stomach and wish you had done something about it.